Global Megatrends and Industry Division D

Paul Tero
7 min readNov 11, 2021
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This set of utility services has been with us for a very long time. The Romans developed water reticulation and sewage systems. Gas has been used commercially for hundreds of years, and electricity for more than a century. But change is afoot in this industry division. Pressure is building (sic) from various sources This article reflects on these changes — what could happen in the utilities industry over the next 10 or more years? What could happen to career or business prospects? What follows are some insights from a futurist on electricity, gas, water and waste services — a perspective on what could be.

As with other articles exploring the future for different Industry divisions, the focus is just on the impact of two global megatrends — computerisation and climate change. Societal and demographic global megatrends are other ones (eg. across the OECD, the number of single parent and childless couple households is expected to continue to rise), but they may not be as significant as the two in focus.

About the global megatrend of climate change

We are witnessing shifts in weather patterns, increases in ocean temperatures, and rising rates of abnormally high seasonal temperatures. Shifts that impact agricultural returns and interrupt the annual rhythms of nature (eg. French vineyards are replacing old varieties with more suitable vines for a warming climate. Mangoes, avocados and bananas are now commercially viable in Sicily).

Unless there is a globally significant and sustained effort at combating climate change, we will witness a continuing increase in land and ocean temperatures over the coming years. Likewise with the frequency and duration of land and marine heatwaves. And not forgetting the increasing intensity and frequency of heavy precipitation (eg. in the 60 years to 2011, the northern hemisphere summer grew in length from 78 to 95 days. In Australia summer is twice as long now as it used to be in the 1950s).

About the global megatrend of computerisation

Another thing we have witnessed in recent decades is the increasing ubiquity of computers. From the first commercial computer in the years after WW2 to the introduction of the personal computer in the late 70s, to the current day smartphone in every pocket, computers…

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